Commercial Logo Design

A great logo design representing your business name should be considered a foundational asset in your marketing plan. Your logo will be a visual representation of your name, product or service and should be applicable and viable for years to come. Working with an experienced graphic designer is the best way to ensure your logo works both in design and functionality.

Aspects of great logo design incorporate key elements to make it recognizable to your target market so each is very specific to your audience. Some important aspects of design to be considered are simplicity, balance, and versatility. The importance of font selection and readability is to be considered as well as colour use.

We are design professionals.

TechSigns & Web Design has been partnering with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies to create brand images that represent the distinct value of our client‘s product or service. Our expertise in visual and brand identity has taken people, their companies and products from obscure to visually identified or branded. Consider us your ‘behind the scenes’ developer. Contact us today for quotation on logo design.