What are eBooks?

An eBook is simply a book in electronic form that can be purchased and read on portable handheld devices. There are a lot of devices currently on the market, including the iPad, Amazon Kindle, the NOOK, the KOBO, the Sony e-Reader, the Playbook and more.

Some devices are mini-computers, called tablets, while others are dedicated devices for reading, called e-Readers. The devices give the customer options for how to view pages, such as the sizing, font styles, brightness, and more. Touch screens or buttons allow the reader to steer through the pages. Pages can be bookmarked, glossary definitions can be created on demand, and sometimes web links are integrated to augment the experience. The tablets and e-Readers can hold hundreds of books at a time.

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Whether you want to make your eBook, with our downloadable software, or with Adobe® InDesign®, it is free and easy to get started.

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Tech Signs & Web Design is outfitted with experienced and proficient professionals, and they are available at any stage of your project—editing, design, illustration, and more.

Tech Signs & Web Design will continue to produce superior paperback books first and foremost, while offering this latest technology to those who wish for it. We now offer contracts that focus mainly on e-Books for those authors who want to remain inventory-free. We still recommend printing a few books — there is no denying that family members and close friends may prefer to have a paperback copy of your book to hold in their hands and brag about!

There is a lot to get thrilled about!

You do not have to agonize about the nitty-gritty of eBook production in Ontario —we take care of those technical details for you. The printed book, once approved by the author, will be proficiently reworked and formatted as required to be viewed as an e-Book.

If you are interested in eBook or paperback publishing in Ontario, give us a call at 613 933 5365 and we will get you started!